Is This For Me?

Are you considering attending The Gathering Workshop but not sure if this is really for you?

NO! The Gathering Conference is not for you if…..

  1. You would rather complain about how things are rather than make adjustments to improve your skill set in your business or career.
  2. You think you are already “too far behind” to catch up with new ideas and technologies.
  3. You aren’t willing to read your camera’s photography manual and you’re expecting to come to the workshop and have a speaker sit with you one on one for an hour explaining how to change from automatic to manual settings.
  4. You already know all there is about ag marketing and photography.

YES! The Gathering Conference is for you if…..

  1. You are a professional involved in marketing, communications, or advertising for an agri-business.
  2. You are a rancher or farmer who wants to improve the advertising and marketing for your own operation.
  3. You have goals to start your own business in photography or graphic design and want to learn how to built it into your dream job!
  4. You want to learn about pricing, business strategy, business practice and marketing strategies from people who have built their own business from the ground up.
  5. You are a parent who wants to learn to take better photos of your kids showing or at other activities
  6. You currently handle the marketing for your own business or your organization but feel like you need ideas to get a fresh start or skills to take it to the next level.
  7. You are an agricultural communications major who aspires to build a career in the agricultural or livestock industry.
  8. You like hands-on activities and feel comfortable in a small group setting compared to those conferences where everyone has to stand up and introduce themselves and tell their most embarassing moment in front of 200 people.
  9. You have a lot of ideas but don’t quite know to implement them.
  10. You’re ready to learn some amazing skills and ready to get to work!